The Optional Function Of Window Patching Machine Could Have

As we all know,a normal window patching machine has a series of model for normal pasting,and the other series of model for normal pasting,v-cut and creasing line.But many customers said they also need more functions that now the window patching machine don’t have.Today,let’s see what more optional function could a window patching machine also have.

First is a common optional function,double channel.This function means you will have two channel(two lane) to produce products as the picture shows,and of course you will get double output.But installing double channel may affect accuracy,so we need to lower the speed to make sure enough accuracy.So actually,we will recommend customers to choose ZKT-700 HIGH SPEED WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE instead of double channel,because ZKT-700 HIGH SPEED has max speed is 31000 pcs/h,is higher than the output of double channel.But attention please,ZKT-700 HIGH SPEED is only normal pasting,if you also need v-cut and creasing function,you have to choose our “b” series of window patching machine ,such as ZKT-700B,it has normal pasting,v-cut and creasing line,and also can equipped with double channel.If you need to get this function,welcome to contact us.

Second optional function is think film heating system.It’s used for heating the thick film to let it could be cut and creasing easily.In our manufacturing,we may met a very thick film,because we need to paste it on the thick paper ,like corrugated paper.So we have no choice,we have to paste thick film on thick paper.But thick film is hard to be creasing and cutted. What can we do?You need to come and find”Wenzhou Hengtong MachineryWINDOW PATCHING MACHINE.We can provide “thick film heating system” this optional function to solve your problem.


Third optional function is environmental sign and trademark.Some customers may need to let their every pieces of film have a mark they need,such as environmental sign and their logo.But you know sending film to the film manufacture to print logo on it may need much more time and money.But now,you can choose “Wenzhou Hengtong Machinery” WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE and choose”environmental sign and trademark” option,we will customize a mold with the design you need,then you can stamp it on every pieces of film as your requirements.You can see the pictures below.

And if you choose this function,you can also choose color “color code tracking”.We will have a sensor for the environmental sign or trademark you stamped,and according to the signal of the sensor got,our window patching machine will adjust the cut position of cutting knife to let window film size more common.

color code tracking

Fourth optional function is horizontal V-cut and special sample with several v cut,sometimes,you will have some special sample like these picture below,you will need this function.How to achieve it?We will custom a special mold for horizontal v-cut if you need.And if you have v cut like next second picture show,one side need longer v cut,the other side just need normal v cut,you will also need this function to custom a special mold for special v cut.Because if you pasting ,v-cutting and creasing directly,then when you bent it,the finished sample will be break easily.

All in all,you can customize kinds of mold here,about v cut length,v cut shape,angular dimension and abrasive tools,all these can meet your different special v cut and creasing requirements.

horizontal v cutspecial v cutv cut customize

Fifth optional function is Film cutting device,cut spare film and blow it away.What this means?It not means this device can help you to cutting a whole roll of film,our machine already can do this,it means this optional function could helps you to cut extra film out,then blow it away.You can image if you need film length is 400mm ,but your own film is 500mm,it’s too long.So,what can you do?Customizing a film with 400 length?It may need too much money,isn’t it?Taking our this optional function,you can use 500mm length film directly,and cut it to 400mm length.And it can blow away the extra film left.We also have rewinding system,you can rewinding your film after cutting the extra film.very easy for your usage.For detail video,welcome to contact me or check our “YouTube” channel to see the video about these .

film cutting device

Sixth optional function is to customized finish device.Somebody need longer finish device,somebody need finish device with integrated design.Whatever the requirements for finish device you have,we all can help you to produce the finish device you need.

finish device

Seventh optional function is the suction belt,if you need this kind of belt,we can help you to change it.

suction belt

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