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The Strength of Full Servo Window Patching Machine

Previously,window patching has two different types,semi-automatic…

How to make sure the safety of the automatic window patching machine?

With the continuous development of the market economy, the variety…

Fully automatic window patching machine improves performance while maintaining quality

Window patching machine has also been widely used in the printing…
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How To Improve The Service Life Of Automatic Window Patching Machine?

Automatic high speed window patching machine is to automatically…
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The Optional Function Of Window Patching Machine Could Have

These article will helps you to figure out what optional function could a window patching machine have
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What vulnerable part would “WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE” have

Window Patching Machine, also named window patcher, window pasting…
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Introduction of several types of industrial glue

There has many kinds of glue for industry,this article will gives you a clear view of it.

What should a customer consider for choosing suitable window patching machine

What should a customer consider for choosing suitable window patching machine?This article will gives you a full answer.
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Method for the occasion that window patching machine has some problems happened

This article is going to tell you the method for the occasion that window patching machine has some problems happened

Adjustment & Operation of Window Patching Machine

This article is going to tell some knowledge about the Adjustment & Operation of Window Patching Machine
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Error analysis and control of high precision window patching machine

Window patching machine is a kind of printing and packaging equipment,…
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Hengtong News | So many visitors visit “Hengtong” booth in Beijing China Print 2021

June 23-27, 2021, in Beijing China International Exhibition Center…

Analysis on the usage scenario of window patching machine

Do you have a set of window patching machine?Do you want to own…

Exhibition Invitation from Wenzhou Hengtong Machinery

Henan printing and packaging machinery exhibition The 53rd Henan…

Hengtong News:Monthly Newsletter For Shipment

April Fool's Day, Hengtong mechanical quality is not a fool Time…

Hengtong News:Newsletter For Exhibition Each Time

Wenzhou Hengtong Machinery" booth showed up on 27th China South…
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Happy Holidays to all our customers

Today is Christmas day!Please allow me to present all the staff…

What Is Window Patching Machine?

Window patching machine can deal a lot of trouble in gluing plastic film on the paper for you, then needn't pay a lot of money hiring a lot of labor force manually patching the film on the box. Today we gonna take you for a closer look at this machine from past ,now and future
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What Is Servo Motor and How It Works?

Servo motor system application is mostly used in a closed loop system where precise position control is commonly found in industrial and commercial applications. So what is a servo motor? And how it works?
Programmable Logic Controller

PLC Introduction

What is PLC? Let us have a quick look. A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is simply a special computer that is programmed to control certain process in industries like petroleum, Steel or automotive.
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How We Pack Our Window Patching Machine?

Sea freight takes a long time transporting goods from one country…
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Quick Review on Print China 2019

Together with China Print, Print China is one of two biggest show event in China, held once every four years. And hereafter is what we experienced at the exhibition.