Introduction of Product

700 Series Window Patching Machine is used for pasting the window film on the various paper boxes.It is developed on the original window patching machine in light of customers’ requirements.Our research and development team,through the continuous improved & perfect human design,let the machines be easier to operate and better in efficiency,accuracy and stability.And in this time,our team manufacture a new model on the basis of ZKT-700B, but has faster speed,so we called it ZKT-700B HIGH SPEED.

Both basic components and major automated accessories employ the proprietary technology of this company.

Therefore,700 Series Window Patching Machine can meet customers’ requirements at a higher level.

About Us

Wenzhou Hengtong Printing & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1987,is a leading packaging machinery enterprise integrating development, production, sales and service.

At the beginning of our establishment, we applied ourselves to meet the customers requirements. Innovations of our products help to fulfill the market demands, we enlarged our scientific research team to improve the products technical contents. We would like to provide our customers with perfect pre-and-after service faithfully and sincerely to start a beautiful future together with our customers by using our knowledge and efforts ……

After a period of development, we have got strengthened technical force and sound inspection methods. High quality of our products has been sold at home and abroad and got favorable comments from our customers. In the new century, HENGTONG people will insist in the service tenet basing on talents, keeping improving to success and keeping faith for further sales and produce approved goods for customers, because your smile is so important to us. Business negotiations of new or regular customers are all welcome and please leave us with your valuable opinions.

Structure Characteristics—-Paper Feeder

The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface .The length of paper to be fed can be entered on the touch screen,so that paper can be input quickly and accurately.Also,it applies to card paper and corrugated paper.

Structure Characteristics—-Film Feeder & Cutting

The film feeder is controlled by a servo control system of famous international brand.The length of film to be cut can be entered on the touch screen.Not only can film be cut accurately,but also adjustment can be made more quickly and directly.

The film feeder is equipped with a magnetic powder clutch to control film tension.

The film cutter has a device which can make free axial rotation to fit different window position,which helps reduce the adjusting time and improve the productivity significantly.

Structure Characteristics—-The Gluing Section

The gluing section can be pulled out easily and cleaned conveniently.

Structure Characteristics—-Function

Based on the original mechanism,the layout of each section of this product has been improved in order to reduce the adjusting time ,so that it becomes more efficiency and friendly.

ZKT-700B HIGH SPEED is widely used for 90 degrees of angle window samples,has the function of angle cutting and scoring.

Technical Parameters

Paper Length:140-600mm

Paper Width:140-690mm

Film Length:60-400mm

Film Width:30-400mm

Paper Caliper:    Paper box & cardboard box  :  250-1000g/m2,Corrugated/flute up to 3mm

Film Thickness:0.03 – 0.25mm,OPP,PVC,PET,PE etc

Speed with corner cutting and creasing line :5000-10000pcs/h,

Normal Pasting Speed:7000-21000pcs/h

Power of Pump:1.5kw

Main Power:2.2kw


External Dimension : 4200*1400*1500 mm

Electrical Configuration

Servo Motor:Yaskawa


Power switch&switch button:Schneider

Solenoid valve:SMC


Frequency converter:Toshiba




box sample2box sample 5

tissue box sample pic