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We are specializing in window patching machine as well as other machines like envelop making machine, paper bag making machine, glue applying machine, cutting machine, etc. As the business grows, we are also looking for chances to expand our production line. In the future, we will provide our customers with better service and brilliant machines.

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Why  Choose Hengtong Window Patching Machine?

Why customers choose us? We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with good quality machine as well as competitive price. And make their products competitive in the market. And we never stop the pursuit of innovation and improve our technique. Customers’ satisfaction is our goal. Here are the reasons why Hengtong is the best choice. 

1. Safe Business, Safe Production

We have been manufacturing machines for more than 30 years and nearly 20 years experience in making window patching machine ( up to 2019 ). And our chief engineer has been designing machine for more than 40 years. Nothing can be compared with the accumulation of experience and knowledge. We are a quality-oriented company, so with us, customers’ production will be safe, and their business will be safe. The machine quality is 99% assured, and left 1% we make it up with professional service. We are experts in this area. We know how the machine works and how to fix it when a problem arose.

2. Certificate and Patent

Our machine has acquired the CE certificate and TUV certificate. And our machine totally meets the high standard of the European Union.

3. Premium Selected Components

In our high-end products like ZKT-750B, 1080B, 700 high speed, 700B, etc., most electrical components are Japanese brand, like YASKAWA servo motor, OMRON relay, PANASONIC plc, TOSHIBA frequency converter, and French SCHNEIDER power switch, etc. We also use a strong metal framework. For ZKT-340/650/980, ZKT-700B, ZKT-1080B, we use 45mm cast iron, which is very strong and have high compressive strength. While on ZKT-750B, 700 high speed, we use CNC steel, which makes the whole piece of steel intact and cutting holes accurate, and not rust easily. Normally my equipment can be used for more than 10 years.

4. After-sale Service

This is another reason why customers choose us. We have a professional service team. After the machine is sold, we will send technical staff to their countries to help installation as well as train staff on how to operate the machine. One year warranty is provided plus lifetime maintenance. One call and we will arrange our technical staff to help you diagnose the machine problem and door-to-door service if necessary.

In the future, we, Hengtong people, will continue to put our guests in the first place, keep innovation, and bring the best products to our customers.