What Is Window Patching Machine?

What is window patching machine? It’s a good question!Window patching machine can save you a lot of trouble in gluing plastic film on the paper, then needn’t pay a lot of money hiring a lot of labor force manually patching the film on the box. Today we gonna take you for a closer look at this machine.


Window Patching Machine History

Window Patching Machine, also named window patcher, window pasting machine, window past machine, is a mechanical device used for sticking the plastic film on the cardboard or corrugated carton.

Development in the Plastic industry also boosts the packaging industry and make it more diversified. Customer can also choose box package that they can see products inside. Window Patching Machine was invented in this period. Who is the first one invented the window patching machine can’t be traced. Kohmann who was established in the 1950s is probably the first company claiming this business.

As the demand for window patching machine became larger, more factories in many other countries such as China, India, Japan, etc. are also try to gain a share in this market. One famous brand is Heiber+Schroeder from Germany, whose name is abbreviated as H+S.

In China, we, Hengtong, are one of the first manufactures specialized in making window patching machine. Established in 1987, we have more than 30 year’s experience in producing the machine. So the quality of our machine can be assured.

Structural Design

Different factories have different machine design, but in general, they share the same structural frame. Let us break the machine down.

Take our machine for example.

All machines have at least 5 parts, namely paper delivering, paper sending, gluing section, Film patching& pressing unit, as well as collecting device. Some may add optional functions like film cutting and perforation.

Paper Feeding

The Function: Feed the paper.It’s controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface. The length of paper to be fed without adjustment, so that paper can be input quickly and accurately.Also,it applies to card paper and corrugated paper.

750B Paper Feeding Part

Paper Delivering

The Function: Make sure the paper delivered smoothly and position- checking.

Paper Sending

Gluing Section

The Function: This is the place where glue is distributed on paper.

Gluing Part

Pressing Section

The Function: This is where film and paper are pressed and composed together.

Film Cutting

Film Feeding Part

Film Feeding Part is controlled by the Imported Servo System, input the needed Film’s Length on the Touch Screen, Saving the adjust time and highly precision.

Collecting Part

This is where the finished paper stacked and collected.

750B Collecting Part


Main Characteristics of Window Patching Machine

1.The circuit uses PLC, controlled by computer program ,quick operate the value on the touch screen , very easy to use.
2.In the production,it can adjust before and after position, position and thickness of glue,it’s convenient and fast, in the replacement of products is very simple, within 15 minutes can finish debug a product specification, very convenient and fast.

Function and Scope of Application

window patching machine sample

The window patching machine usually can perform flat patching. And it is normally used in various boxes film patching, including toy boxes, cosmetic boxes, cereal boxes, fast food boxes, gift boxes, bakery boxes, etc.And the most characteristic of the automatic window patching machine of our company is that can adjust the front and back orientation of paper, the front and back orientation of glue and the left and right orientation of film without stopping. The adjustment of the three directions is very convenient, and it is very convenient and fast when replacing the products. The structure of window patching machine is consist of five parts ,that is Paper position; Positioning position; Gluing position; Film position and paper receiving part. The frame adopts steel plate structure, which is strong and durable.

Cover ZKT-1080B


Here we will simply introduces the advantages of window patching machine from the mechanism of window patching machine. The paper feeder surface is very important in the whole machine. The main advantages are: the bottom of the strip pumping paper, non-stop adding paper; Continuous belt transport selection of frequency conversion control, according to the length of the paper can adjust the length of continuous transport; Multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gear and rack equipment, which can adjust the left and right directions of the belt. As for the position of the paper, the printing position is the key. The primary function of high-speed window patching machine device is to select double high hardness tube roller to transmit glue, tube roller support selection of eccentric device, can adjust the thickness of glue; Choose flexible stencil printing adhesive, stencil shape can be adjusted according to product requirements; Diaphragm part adopts step-less speed regulation equipment, press line cutting machine can adjust the length of the diaphragm without stopping; Choose roll knife active cutting film length; Active pressure film serrated line; Active cutting film opening (such as towel box); Choose suction roller to stick the film onto the carton. Adjust the front, rear, left and right directions of the film without stopping.

tissue box

For this kind of machine industry, we must be most concerned about the problem of electric shock, so the automatic window patching machine is the same; We do not use wet hands to operate the automatic window patching machine switch, button and knob, automatic line pasting machine to prevent electric shock. The following is about to prevent the automatic window patching machine electric shock to pay attention to the following points: for machinery this kind of industry, we must be most concerned about this problem is electric shock, so the automatic window patching machine is the same; We can not use wet hands to operate the window patching machine switch, button and knob, automatic line pasting window patching machine to prevent electric shock. The following describes the precautions to prevent electric shock of the automatic window patching machine: 1. The power supply of the automatic window patching machine must be grounded. 2, please do not replace the electrical components in the state of power, otherwise there will be danger. 3. Do not operate window patching machine switches, buttons and knobs with wet hands to avoid electric shock. 4, in the power or operation, do not open the electrical box door, box cover and electrical components shell, otherwise it will be electric shock.5, for the cable and wire, please do not damage it, give it too much pressure, so that it can bear heavy weight or clamp it. It could cause an electric shock. 6, maintenance and regular maintenance should be completed by professional and technical personnel. For maintenance or regular maintenance, disconnect the power supply and use a multi-meter to check that the remaining voltage disappears after 10 minutes. It could cause an electric shock.

Advantages – Saving Labor Force

The use of  window patching machine equipment not only improves the production power, but also improves the production quality. With manual operation, window patching equipment can brush glue on a uniform, high-speed, stable machine, a machine can complete the operation of 5-6 skilled workers, for the use of the company’s window patching machine, greatly reduce the production cost, but also easy to the management of the company.Now,we simply introduce the advantages of window patching machine from the window machine structure.

The paper feeding section is more important in the whole machine. The biggest advantage is: paper at the bottom of the strip, continuous adding paper without stopping; Continuous transmission frequency control, according to the length of paper can adjust the length of continuous transmission; Multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gear and rack devices to adjust the direction of the belt.

As for the position of the paper, the printing position is the key. The main function is: choose double high hardness tube roller drive glue, tube roller support selection of eccentric device, can adjust the thickness of glue; Choose flexible template printing adhesive, template shape can be carved according to the needs of goods; The roller surface of the equipment template is engraved with a baseline line, which can adjust the thickness of the feet; Flexible template printing plate can be adjusted according to commodity needs.



Diaphragm part of step-less speed regulation equipment, can adjust the length of the film without stopping; Choose the length of raceway active cutting film; Serrated line of active pressure diaphragm; Active cutting film opening (such as towel box); Choose suction tube roller to stick the film to the carton. Can adjust the direction of the film before and after non-stop.

Do you know the operation process and adjustment method of automatic window patching machine?

The utility model used throughout  window patching machine automatically transfer paper after into the tape into the transportation equipment, the paper through the chain to the push paper block gauge push forward the after the end of the paper transport, up and down along the adjusted good mercy guide rail and guide the orientation of equipment was sent to a conveying device, because of different processing paper specification, stick a window in a different direction, the need for paper direction to make the necessary adjustments.


Automatic window patching machine paper transport bearing adjustment when pushing paper sticker paper choose two transport chain block gauge, gauge block at the same time push paper or demand pushing paper block gauge has successively, can loosen the screw on the chain wheel, hand pull chain at this point in the empty set of wheel turn over the drive shaft, but shares the chain to the push paper before and after the gauge moves, make the suitable location of gauge block transferred to the paper after the lock screw.


What convenience can window patching machine bring to production?

Window patching machine also occupies an important position in the packaging industry , is an important process of box packaging processing. Lots of carton packaging basically choose window patching machine to start the carton processing. So what convenience can carton laminating machine bring to production?

  1. 1. It can greatly improve the production rate, which is incomparable with handwork. It not only reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but also liberates hands, and also has the working environment of advanced operators.
  2. After the window patching machine is put into use, it can advance the commercial hygiene standards and quality standards, prevent the touch of hands, reduce the influence of human factors on the production of products, and also suitable for some high-standard products.
  3. The factory space can be saved. The application of fully automatic window patching machine can not only save construction investment, but also save working space, thus greatly simplifying the manufacture cost.Not only optimizing the structure of the production plant, but also saving a lot of financial requirements.

Above is what convenience can window patching machine bring some to the production, window patching machine will print good, die-cutting molding cardboard folding and sticking good life.  Food, medicine, cosmetics, wine, light industrial goods and other packaging boxes in our life, are basically choosing window patching machine start box processing. Wenzhou Hengtong Printing and packaging Machinery Co., Ltd has always been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of automatic window patching machines. In the accumulation of long-term experience, with advanced design concepts and production experience. According to the market demand, the company has developed several series of automatic window patching machines. The production efficiency can be as high as 31000 sheets/hour, with the advanced level of domestic industry.


Perspective on Future Window Patching Machine

The development of window patching machine has gone through a long period.

In the beginning, people may stick film on paper by hands. Then, with the development of machine industry, the mechanical operation is adopted to improve the speed and efficiency.

Now we are in the era to make the machine more humanized.

The future of window patching machine may have 5 characters.

1. High Speed

Speed is highlighted by the upgrading of window patching equipment of different customers. Hengtong has achieved improvement in speed and quality of window patching equipment. Also, the requirements for processing equipment and precision are more and more demanding. To meet such requirements, modern design techniques are employed in manufacturing products.

2. Humanization


Humanization is featured in the design of post-press equipment. Based on customer experience, humanization is embodied throughout the design of products by combining the engineering, ecological and aesthetic considerations. With humanized design. Hengtong post-press equipment is pleasing to the eye, easy to operate, safe to people, and friendly to the environment.

3. Flexibility

During the long-time development of window patching equipment, Hengtong pays a lot of attention to improve product functions and flexibility. Our design allows flexible configuration and functional reserve. Some parts may be added or reduced. With reserved functions available, the specific requirements to different customers can be satisfied.

4. Intelligence

With intelligent automation, Hengtong window patching machine equipment is operated and controlled with a set procedure and instructions. With artificial intelligence, our equipment can sense, think, judge, and act perfectly while it is working. For that purpose, imported products, industrial benchmark products, and servo control system are used to ensure intelligence and stability.

5. Digital

Nowadays, nearly all advanced post-pressed equipment is controlled by computer. It has quality monitoring devices so that adjustment and control can be achieved automatically with the program in the computer control system. Alternatively, with network access via the interface, information may be transformed as instructions, which facilitates pre-press, in-press and post-press integration by apply CIP3 and CIP4. Therefore, the whole process of printing can be digitized, which helps improve efficiency, control production process, guarantee product quality, precision and reliability, and lower impacts of the external environment.

Here is the introduction of the window patching machine. For more information, please contact us.

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