Wenzhou Hengtong Printing & Packaging Co., LTD is one of the earliest packaging manufacturing factories in China founded in 1987.

Our first specialized machine is envelop-making machine, producing Chinese-style envelop and western- style envelop. As one of the earliest envelop machine plant and we achieved great success and occupied a large share of this market. With the development of telecommunication, mail gradually became less important in daily communication. The envelop market shrunk a lot. Like other enterprises, we also had a rough time.

Expanding Domestic Market

Around  2000, we begin to produce our first window patching machine base on our envelope machine. With the up growing selling revenue, window patching machine became our flagship product. As the earliest window patcher producer in China, we achieved a big share in the domestic market with the fine reputation of durable quality and considerate after-sale service.

Expanding Overseas Market

In 2009, we begin to explore opportunities in the overseas market. Differ from other companies playing the low-price game, we always put quality into the first place. Guest’s need is our pursuit and motivation. Up to now, we have sold machine to many countries, including Japan, Russia, the UK, Spain, Italy, Romania, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Australia, the US, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Uzbekistan,Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Tanzania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bolivia, Mexico.

Our advantages

1. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, we are more serious about quality control. We have dozens of patented rights and certificates like CE certificate and TUV certificate.

2. We are a sophisticated designing team, customization is acceptable at a higher price. Our main engineer has been designing machinery for  40 years.

3. A professional service team is available. We can send our staff to your country to help your installation, repairing as well as maintenance teaching.

Our Products

We are specializing in window patching machine as well as other machines like envelop making machine, paper bag making machine, glue applying machine, cutting machine, etc. As the business grows, we are also looking for chances to expand our production line. In the future, we will provide our customers with better service and brilliant machines.

Our version

Our goal is to become the top manufacturing factory in window patching.