ZKT-700 high speed is the fastest window patching machine of our factory, with maximum speed up to 31000pcs/h (510pcs/min), for flat patching. Productivity is power, especially when you have to deal with bundles of boxes.


High Speed

Different guests may have different requirements, but for speed, they hold the same opinion, the faster the better. Speed means productivity. This is very important for big companies with a huge amount of boxes processing.

Friendly in Use

ZKT-700 high speed is equipped with a human-computer interface screen. The machine is bilingual, both English and Chinese are supported. The film length, paper feeding, cylinder as well as machine speed can all be controlled with a touch screen. Also you can know the machine status on the screen.


The exterior design is the same with ZKT-750B, beautiful and elegant.

Structural Design

Paper Feeder

The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface. The length of paper to be fed can be entered on the touch screen, so that paper can be input quickly and accurately. Also, it applies to card paper and corrugated paper.

Paper Feeder

Gluing Part

The sizing gluer can be pulled out easily and cleaned conveniently. With the pheumatic principle, the gluing part has been improved easier for adjustment and cleaning.

750B Gluing Part

Film Feeder

The film feeder is controlled by the Imported servo system of a famous international brand. The length of the film to be cut can be entered on the touch screen. Not only can the film be cut accurately, but also adjustments can be made more quickly and directly.

750B Pressing Cylinder


fast food box sample 8
box sample 4
box sample2
sampe box

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