What should a customer consider for choosing suitable window patching machine

Paper box was widely used in our life,when we package cake,when we package tissue box,when we package sandwich,we all need paper box to package it.Also with time passed,more and more manufacture choose paper box with window to package their products,because they want to let their customer could see the real products inside without open the paper box.Then window patching machine is going to show on the stage.What is window patching machine?Window Patching Machine, also named window patcher, window pasting machine, is a mechanical device used for sticking the plastic film on the cardboard or corrugated carton.Window patching machine can save you a lot of trouble in gluing plastic film on the paper, then needn’t pay a lot of money hiring a lot of labor force manually patching the film on the box.

Development in the Plastic industry also boosts the packaging industry and make it more diversified. Customer also can choose box package that they can see products inside. Window Patching Machine was invented in this period. As the demand for window patching machine became larger, more factories in many other countries such as China, India, Japan, etc. are also try to gain a share in this market. In China, we, Hengtong, are one of the first manufactures specialized in making window patching machine,established in 1987, we have more than 30 year’s experience in producing the machine. So the quality of our machine can be assured.

So,in this time,How do we choose suitable window patching machine?What should we consider for buying window patching machine?Now let’s tale a look!


Many window patching machine manufacturer has lots of models for different size range,we too!For example,we have “ZKT-340″,”ZKT-700″,”ZKT-1080”,for max length 340 mm,max length 700 mm and max length 1080 mm separately.So you need to choose the suitable machine according to your max and min size range,you can check this chart below to see some main models max and min size of our window patching machine.But attention please ,the min and max size we mentioned here is for expanded view,not for folded view.


WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE has four main functions:Normal pasting,V-cut ,Creasing line and Slitting line on the film of tissue box.What are these four functions?Let me explain it for you.Normal Pasting means just paste film on the one side of the box,not need to paste film on several side.V-cut means cut a V-shaped corner on the top of the creasing line to in case of film breaking.Creasing line means to pressing a line on the one pieces of the film,but in the junction of two sides.This actions is do for convenient folding.Slitting Line On the Film of Tissue Box means the name implies,it’s the expanded of window patching machine.When your customers use the tissue box,they will feel convenient to open it when you provide this line.In the normal,Normal pasting is belongs to one kind of model,and the left belongs to another kind of model.In our company,WENZHOU HENGTONG MACHINERY,if you only need one function,Normal pasting,you can choose our “ZKT” series or “ZKT-HIGH SPEED” series,and the price of these window patching machine will be cheaper than multi-function models.If you need normal pasting,and also need v-cut and creasing line ,you can choose our “ZKT-B” series.In the end,if you need slitting line on the film of tissue box,all the max size of window patching machine that higher or equals to 690 mm can have this function,whatever “ZKT” ,”ZKT-B” or “ZKT-HIGH SPEED” series.

In addition,some of our window patching machine has special functions,such as HIGH SPEED and AUTOMATIC CORRECTION.HIGH SPEED means it has very fast speed,which can reach at about 21000 pcs/h-31000 pcs/h for different models.AUTOMATIC CORRECTION means our machine can adjust the gluing position and cutting position automatically in a certain range,you can get this function from “ZKT-750B” now.


Different configuration decides different price.In our company,we have two different models for different price,all our “ZKT”,”ZKT-A”,”ZKT-B”,”ZKT-HIGH SPEED” series models is our normal model,it equipped international brands configuration and stronger material to keep the machine more reliable and more durable.But if your budget has a little bit not enough,you can choose our “STANDARD” series model of window patching machine,and now we have “ZKT-700 STANDARD” and “ZKT-1080 STANDARD“.Buying “STANDARD” series model,Speed and configuration will a little bit lower,but the price will be much cheaper.In the future,we will never our step to move forward to the better and better window patching machine. We are researching to manufacture window patching machine with more servo motors(above 3 servo motors).And it will bring more convenient and faster using experience to us.For more detail about price, you can click here to contact me.


While choosing suitable window patching machine for yourself,glue is also a important part.What type of glue you choose,decide if your film can be glued tightly on the paper.Our frequently-used glue is water-based glue,it’s numerous in variety,environment-friendly and low cost.Also,a little bit customers will choose white glue or hot melt glue,only if the glue has been tested by yourself,that will be available on our window patching machine.For more detail,please click here to check our new article about glue type.

Gluing Part

Easy? Accurate?

Whether window patching machine is easy to adjust is another a important factor while considering buying which machine. We,WENZHOU HENGTONG MACHINERY,was established in 1987,is a leading packaging machinery enterprise integrating development, production, sales and service.At the beginning of our establishment, we applied ourselves to meet the customers requirements. Innovations of our products help to fulfill the market demands, we enlarged our scientific research team to improve the products technical contents.Therefore,our window patching machine has been improved much times, getting better and better,and have our own advantages in the end.

Our,HENGTONG BRAND WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE is easy to adjust,our machine structure has been improved very much times,so it has  in a best condition,every part has been designed for bringing convenient adjustment to user.And we have touch screen,you can just input the paper length,film length,etc…you need on the touch screen,then the machine will work as your requirements,not need to adjust the machine by hands,and consume strength.

We equipped several servo motors to control the paper feeder ,it will let most step action becomes more accurate.And our cutting mold is customized by ourselves,so the knife position will be more accurate and the sharpness of it will be better.


Good quality plays an important role in manufacturing products by window patching machine.So what is the standard of the window patching machine with good quality?First,using famous brand configuration to let most part of the machine will not break easily is obvious.In our company,we use Yaskawa servo motor,Omron relay,Panasonic PLC,Schneider power swtich and switch button to ensure the machine quality.Second,it need using stronger and more thicker steel plate to make machine heavier,and it will make the machine more stable.When we running the machine with high speed, it will not shake violently, not make a huge noise and not been broke easily.In our company,we use 45 mm cast iron to make sure the machine quality.Last,is whole-hearted. If company workers not making the machine carefully,maybe the machine will have some problems frequently.Machine is a fine things,it will take troubles to the users even if there only has a little bit lack.

Save energy

Producing products by machine will expend a not small cost,and if your machine use high power consumption power and pump,the sum on your electricity bill will be much higher.In our company,we use 1.5 kw pump and 2.2 kw main power,but the window patching machine of other company, for example,XX-1080A from HXXXXXG,it will need about 9 kw for whole machine.

After-sale Service

The last factor is after-sale service,you can image if you buy window patching machine from some supplier,but when you receive it,they refuse provide after-sale service or provide worse after-sale service,how you will feeling ?In our company,we can send our engineer to your factory to teach you how to use the machine or you send your engineer to our factory to learn how to use the machine.You only just need to pay all the cost for our engineer or your engineer’s journey.But during COVID-19,we can’t go abroad,because we will need to get quarantine for 28 days after we go back to China.But we will provide full detail video about how to test and how to use our window patching machine.Also,we will create a wechat group including our sales,boss ,engineer and electrician. If you meet any questions,you can ask here,the related member who in this group will answer your question immediately.Also of course,you can send questions to your sales directly,they will help  you to get answer and get back to you soon.

That’s the all factors you need consider while choosing window patching machine.If you want to learn more about window patching machine,welcome keep follow our news on this website.Also,you can follow our social media,such as Facebook,Twitter,Instagram to get newest videos.In the end,thanks for reading this article.

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