Method for the occasion that window patching machine has some problems happened

Waste Material Removal Method On Automatic Window Patching Machine

window patching machine roller circumferential direction of the adjustment of the rubber plate installed on the version of the roller, can use printing ink coated on the rubber strip, the point of the window patching machine, paper through the chain push paper gauge push to the adhesive position, and then the roller version of the rolling ink printed on the paper window part.

According to the paper to film the window and the layout of the relative direction of the different, by loosening the operation of the inner side of the wall board on the set screw roller, rolling version of the cylinder circumferential direction of the adjustment, to achieve the rubber plate on the adhesive strip aligned with the direction of the film, and then the screw.


ZKT-1080 pic

If the imprint of the window part of the sticker and the window to film on the card has a relative position difference, the appropriate adjustment of paper feeding positioning side plate and paper positioning can be adjusted, version roller can also be adjusted.

The film of automatic window patching machine is carried out in four steps: film feeding, film cutting, film transmission and film pasting. The whole roll of diaphragm is installed on the material rack equipment at the rear of the host according to the width of the window on the paper in advance. The length of the diaphragm is usually 30 mm longer than the window length, and the width of the film roll of high-speed window patching machine is 25-30 mm wider than the window.

Diaphragm to sticker for the window length according to the paper, through the CVT, through a pair of film feeding roller and the power roller drive diaphragm material conveying, entered the film roll, cut by the blade on the roll of film, in the process of cutting, diaphragm pressure adsorption film transfer roller and transfer, when be exactly as opposed to a paper window, On the film roll due to the effect of the air valve by suction to blow, through the film drive roller adsorption and transfer to the film roll.


ZKT-340B Film Feeder

The technical difficulty of automatic window patching machine is the automatic removal of all kinds of waste products. Different methods need to be selected for different commodities. Now the automatic window patching machine waste removal methods are described in detail:

1. Waste discharge of hardware mold: the hardware mold is equipped on the automatic window patching machine, and the waste material is removed directly by using the hardware mold. The waste material is collected actively through the blanking inside the body.

(1) Automatic window patching machine mesh or film type (relatively thin, strong toughness) need to be careful, if the metal die needle and hole cooperation gap is too large, goods will present hair, burr appearance.
(2) The adhesive phenomenon will occur when the needle is punched on the rubber products, and the release agent needs to be used in processing, but the release agent needs to be clear in advance whether there is pollution to the goods.

Film Cutting

2. carving die waste discharge: Use carve mold hollow-out the exhaust channel, carving knife mold equipped with exhaust port, discharge port the taper, has must end of the floor glue some die cutting machine is equipped with exhaust, block waste will occur at discharge port of the knife mold taper kneading, when after die cutting, waste will be one layer along the exhaust mouth squeeze up high and two voltage cutting die, because of the waste, marginal adhesive, Therefore, after all, the waste will be kneaded into a column and discharged from the outside of the body, thus providing conditions for the continuous punching and cutting of such goods.

Using sculpture mold waste, mold equipment in the mold base or on the mold base, under the load after the mold base, can be directly used to the exhaust of the exhaust passage of the body, when the mold in a mold base on to be set in advance exhaust channel, loading mode, use carve mould waste is only suitable for adhesive goods and eliminate the waste of small commodities.


The processing method of not sending film in the process of window pasting machine intermittently

The main characteristics of the structure of the automatic window patching machine is that it can constantly adjust the position of the paper, the position of the glue and the left and right side of the film in the production process. The adjustment of their three positions is very convenient and fast, and it is very convenient and fast when replacing the product.

The main structure of automatic window patching machine is: Paper feeder; Gluing parts; Film feeder; Receiving part consists of four parts. The frame is most steel plate structure, strong and durable.

ZKT-340B Paper Feeder
The paper feeder of the automatic window patching uses the suction type smoke tape base paper extraction, form a complete set of servo and stepper motor control step by step, get rid of the on-off control mode, in order to achieve a non-stop continuous sheet, intermittent type belt conveyor adopts frequency conversion control, according to the length of the paper can adjust the length of the discharge, multiple conveying belt are equipped with gear and rack device, adjustable belt around the place.

Before the automatic window patching machine starts working (shift change or shutdown), the main parts of the machine should be checked, and no abnormality can be opened after a round of manual turning. The machine should be cleaned every parts, all parts should be kept clean, electrical equipment should be kept clean, to prevent oil, water, dust to enter, pay attention to the wire is not rolled flat or broken.

In temporarily suspended stop machine, automatic stick window machine did not need lubricating oil painting of the surface of corrosion protection, when needed, use dry cloth to remove the oil, gasoline again check blower, vacuum pump, found to have abnormal pressure corner cut stick window machine, should be timely clean fan, air filter, check whether the interface connection is reliable.

Paper Sending
In the working process, the film feeding scale is staggered with each other, and the feeding scale is more than 5 mm shorter than the automatic line pasting machine with preset ruler. The processing method of no film feeding occurs intermittently in the process of pasting machine operation:

(1) lax sensitivity adjustment or incorrect polarity selection;

(2) Photoelectric switch seat leakage or short circuit between ends, should be replaced;

(3) When the feeding speed is lower than the feeding speed, it is necessary to relax the film laminating to check whether the feeding has performance and troubleshoot.

The oblique motor torque is significantly reduced, and the bag-making scale is inaccurate, indicating that the stepping drive of the window pasting machine is faulty, or there is a blocking phenomenon when the rubber roller is connected with the stepping motor.

Cover ZKT-1080B
The processing method for the inaccurate photoelectric tracking length of window patching machine:

(1) The selection of photoelectric eye adjustment mode and working state is not accurate, and it should be adjusted accurately according to the requirements of the manual;

(2) If the error between the pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting blank bag) and the actual bag-making size is too large, the line making length or pressure should be set from the beginning, and the equipment should be adjusted;

(3) If the film resistance is too large or the finished product quality of the previous process is poor, it should be checked and replaced.


How to solve the problem of glue condensation on the window sticker?

Glue condensation when the window patching machine is stopped is a very troublesome thing. In order to avoid the glue between the rubber roller and the transfer roller when the window patching machine is stopped, when the main machine is stopped, the motor starts the glue roller and the glue on the glue roller The roller and the transfer roller continue to rotate. Select the position of the paper feeding belt according to the shape of the paper product. Then loosen the star handle on the roller frame and move the pressure roller on the roller frame to align the conveying roller with the pressure roller,tighten the star handle.

When the automatic window sticking machine uses the paper pusher on the two conveyor chains to push the paper products at the same time, or when the two paper pushers need to be in sequence, loosen the screws on the sprocket and pull the chain by hand. The sprocket, which is in the empty sleeve at the time, rotates idly on the driving shaft, which can drive the push paper stop gauge on the chain to move back and forth, so that the stop gauge will be adjusted to the appropriate position where the paper jam is about to be pushed and the screw will be tightened.

Release the two star-shaped handle screws, and turn the two handles on the left and right sides of the small wall panel at the same time on both sides of the automatic window sticking machine to adjust the gap between the transfer roller and the glue roller. The handle rotates upwards, and the gap between the two rubber rollers is small. The amount of glue applied is small. On the contrary, if the handle is turned down, the amount of glue applied is small. After adjusting to the appropriate amount of glue, tighten the star handle screws.

The paper is conveyed in the gluing and filming stations by the eleven flat belts of the automatic window sticking machine. The suction pump absorbs the jammed paper to the moving conveyor belt through the small holes on the flat belt to keep the jammed paper correct The position enters the glued part. Creasing and cutting corner window sticking machine

The glue roller transfers the glue liquid to the glue roller, and then the glue roller spreads the liquid on the rubber strip of the plate. When the paper product is conveyed to the plate roller for gluing, the two electromagnetic irons on the inner side of the left and right wall panels, Drive the lever to force the suction paper feeding table to rise, so that the glue on the rubber strip is correctly applied to the window part of the paper product through the rotation of the roller.

The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window-opening paper box, and glue and stick the film on the unfolded paper, such as corrugated milk boxes, cardboard underwear boxes, toys, home textiles, high-end cosmetic paper boxes, etc. After die-cutting 200-1000 g/㎡ cardboard and corrugated paper within 2.5mm, the film is opened, cut, cardboard gluing, filming, and finishing functions are carried out in the glue box. For the paper feed point, the printing position is the most critical:

The main function of the rubber printing part is: the use of double high hardness tube rollers to drive the glue, the tube roller support is installed eccentrically, and the thickness of the glue can be adjusted; flexible stencil printing is used, and the shape of the stencil can be engraved according to product requirements; the installation of the stencil The roller is engraved with a reference line, and the device template is accurate, convenient and fast; the left and right positions of the printing rubber can be adjusted, and the front and rear positions are adjusted by a positive adjuster, which can adjust the front, rear, left, and right positions of the printing rubber without stopping the machine.

The diaphragm part adopts non-polar speed regulation, and the length of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine; the film length can be automatically cut by the film reel; the zigzag line of the automatic film is pressed; the teeth of the automatic film cutting (such as the paper towel box); the suction tube The roller sucks the film onto the carton. Can adjust the position before and after the film without stopping the machine

Above is all the method for the occasion that window patching machine has some problems happened.Any more questions,please contact us on this website.

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