How To Improve The Service Life Of Automatic Window Patching Machine?

Automatic high speed window patching machine is to automatically adding glue and pasting plastic film at the opening of the mould-cut window carton. Cartons can be cardboard or corrugated. Window paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes and so on. You can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton. The machine can print glue and film in one go, thus speeding up production.


All aspects of automatic high-speed pasting window machine: how to improve the service life of automatic pasting window machine?


Maintenance instructions for automatic window pasting machine:

1. Butter the gears and universal bearings on the machine every week within 2 months after the arrival of the new machine.

2. Smear oil on the surface of shaft, slider, guide rail and tooth rod, half a month.

3, the machine’s rubber shaft, aluminum plate, rubber scraping nylon should be cleaned every day before work (rubber scraping nylon can not be scraped with hard things).

4. Clean the underground machine and suction belt once a week.

5, for the used suction hole, if the position of the film changes, be sure to seal the original suction hole, and maintain enough suction.

6. The air of the air compressor should be filtered by the dryer, and the air compressor should be deflated regularly to maintain sufficient pressure.

7, vacuum pump filter should be cleaned regularly.

8. Please operate the machine according to normal procedures. If there is any abnormality, please inform the mechanic or factory in time.

High-speed window pasting machine after printing equipment, flexibility and flexibility is high, it is very humane. In general, humanized design in the post-press processing equipment can be summarized as: beautiful appearance, simple operation, flexible and convenient use, environmental protection and safety. Higher production efficiency, speed determines efficiency, efficiency determines survival. The production efficiency of equipment should not only consider the production speed, but also comprehensively consider the equipment adjustment and auxiliary time, continuous stable and reliable high speed production performance and reject rate.

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