Fully automatic window patching machine improves performance while maintaining quality

Window patching machine has also been widely used in the printing market. The automatic line-to-line window patching machine is suitable for the filming of packaging paper products with windows, such as wine boxes, tissue boxes, clothing boxes, food packaging boxes, toy boxes, etc. The whole machine adopts programmable controller, human-machine interface, photoelectric tracking, and centralized control technology to complete the automatic paper feeding and window gluing (plane gluing, partial gluing) of the die-cut paper products during gluing. The function of film cutting, film sticking, paper delivery and other processes.

Automatic window patching machine

The automatic window patching machine can make the glue on the window opening of the color box accurately, stick firmly, not too low, no scratches, no indentation, low scrap rate, controllable glue thickness, and uniform and thick glue.


1. The squeegee part adopts the double squeegee method to make the product glue more uniform. Automatic film laminating machine

2. The high magnetic fixing seat is adopted, the product positioning is convenient, and the squeegee is more accurate.

3. The electric eye can move left and right according to the size of the product, and it can flexibly control the stroke of the scraper.

4. The production process is all photoelectric and optical fiber monitoring, and the positioning operation is more accurate.

suction belt
Automatic window patching machine

5. Full-control PLC and touch screen operating system, equipped with automatic, semi-automatic, manual mode, output counting function, and a small machine with rich functions.

Through years of independent research and development and self-innovation, we continue to increase research and development efforts, improve technical levels, develop new products, and continuously improve product quality. Compared with foreign products, its products have obvious advantages in cost and price. With the improvement of its technical level and the enhancement of its brand influence, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the future.

As an intelligent and innovative enterprise, the automatic window patching machine has always adhered to technology research and development as the core, and improved performance while ensuring quality. Its products are widely praised by the industry for their complete functions, wide coverage and excellent quality. It can be said that the window patching machine is the leading enterprise of technological innovation in the domestic post-press equipment industry.

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