Adjustment & Operation of Window Patching Machine


Production of gluing template

According to the size of the paper coating window, select a 0.5 mm thick PTFE from the width of 300 mm-720 mm respectively on the offset plate, align an edge of the paper to be coated with the side of the offset plate, and then use a marker to draw the window outline on the offset plate along the window. Use a marker to draw a 5 mm wide gluing position line along the window outline on the offset plate. 2 mm thick double-sided adhesive paper is used to stick the rubber strip on one side, and the other side is used to make the rubber strip adhere to the adhesive position. At the same time, in order to make the rubber strip adhere firmly to the offset plate, adhesive paper can be used to paste a layer around the bottom of the rubber strip. The thickness of the gluing template after assembling is about 10 mm.
Then the end of the offset hook strip embedded in the plate roller groove, the other end with viscose paper and plate roller stick, so that the plate is tightly wrapped on the outer surface of the plate roller.

Installation of the Cutting tool

Manually turn the cutter roller to the top, put the upper blade into the cutter roller slot, make the lower end of the blade fully contact with the bottom of the cutter slot, and tighten 18 M6x15 set screws from the middle to both sides.
When installing the lower blade, insert the blade into the tool carrier seat through the through hole of the fuselage, tighten one screw in the middle and two screws at both ends slightly with a wrench, and turn the cutter roller manually. Stop turning when the upper blade blade is aligned with the lower blade blade. After adjusting 19 M8x110 screws one by one with a wrench to control the gap between the upper blade and the lower blade between 0.03-0.05 mm, tighten 18 M10x95 screws to tighten the lower blade with the press plate, and then tighten the M8 nut.
Both edges of each cutting blade can be used alternately. When the blade becomes blunt, the two surfaces need to be smoothed for further use. Generally, the new blade is installed in the cutter roller. The lower blade can control the clearance between the upper blade and the projecting height of the blade by adjusting the M8x110 screw.
The clearance adjustment of the upper and lower blades must be very careful and careful, otherwise it will cause damage and wear quickly.

Preparation of film and Glue

Paste the window of the film to polypropylene (PP), poly ethylene (PE) for the majority, the film roll width is generally 15-20 mm wider than the window. In advance, the whole roll of diaphragm opened according to the width of the window on the paper is installed on the material rack device at the rear of the main engine. The length of the diaphragm is generally 30 mm longer than the length of the window.
Different film should be equipped with the corresponding glue, generally choose water-soluble white glue, glue should meet environmental protection standards, do not contain toxic substances and will not harm the ozone layer of substances. It is equipped with the premise of the glue glued to the film as the benchmark.

Adjustment and operation

Into the paper

After finishing the paper products that need to be coated after die cutting and indentation, the paper products are stacked on the feeding table with the support feet tilting, and the bottom paper products are pulled out and separated from the paper pile during the rotation of the feeding paper tape. With the rotation of the feeding paper tape, the paper products pass between the feeding paper tape and the pressure wheel and enter the feeding device.

Paper delivery

After the paper products enter the feeding device through the paper tape, the paper products are transported forward by the back end of the paper products pushed by the paper stop gauge on the chain, and are sent to the vacuum conveyor belt of the gluing device along the upper and lower guide rail and the left and right guide rail with well adjusted distance.
Due to the change of the paper specification and the different position of the window, it is necessary to adjust the paper conveying position.
Paper feeding position adjustment
According to the shape of the processed paper, select the position of the paper tape, loosen the tension wheel into the paper tape, move the paper tape to the desired position and fix.
Loosen the star handle on the roller rack, move the paper pressing roller on the roller rack, align the conveying wheel with the paper pressing roller, and tighten the star handle.
Paper delivery position adjustment
When pushed on the sticker paper with two conveyor chain block gauge push paper at the same time, the paper or need two pushing paper block gauge has successively, can loosen the screw on the chain wheel, hand pull chain at this point in the empty set of wheel over the drive shaft turn, will lead to the chain to the push paper before and after the gauge moves, the gauge block transferred to the push to the proper position after card lock screw.

Gluing device

Loosen the two star-shaped handle screws, and turn the two handles on the left and right sides of the small wall panel at the same time to adjust the gap between the rubber roller and the glue roller. When the handle is turned up, the gap between the two cots is small, and the amount of glue is small. When the handle is turned down, the amount of glue is large.
In order to avoid glue condensation on the glue roller and the transfer roller when the machine is shut down, a motor is equipped on the glue roller. When the main engine is shut down, the motor starts the glue roller and the transfer roller continue to rotate.

Paper products in the gluing, laminating station is transported by eleven flat belts with holes. The suction pump generates negative pressure through the hole on the flat belt to adsorb the paper on the moving conveyor belt, so that the paper keeps the correct position into the gluing part. Glue roller would transmit the glue solution to the rubber roller, the rubber roller transfer put glue on the rubber strip of applied to a child, when there is a paper to be delivered to the version of the drum of glue, two electromagnetic iron absorption, the inside of the wall around the concern about higher leverage to breathe in the feeding table, the glue on the rubber strip fluid through the roller rotation correctly apply pressure to the window part of the paper.

Conditions for long-term normal use

Check regularly whether the operating parts of the automatic window patching machine can work normally, whether the temperature rise of the rolling bearings and sliding bearings exceeds the specified value, whether the operating temperature of the motor exceeds the specified value, and whether the elastic length of the transmission belt and conveyor belt is appropriate. If the automatic window patching machine is abnormal, it needs to stop for maintenance.


ZKT-1080 pic

Automatic window patching machine before starting (shift change or work interruption) should check the main parts of the machine, manually turn a circle without any abnormality can be started, each change must clean the machine, running parts should be kept clean, electrical equipment should be kept clean, prevent oil, water and dust into, and prevent wires from being flattened or broken.

Add 40# oil every 200 hours, the machine must be cleaned every day. All operating parts should be kept clean and the nylon discs on both sides of the film sticking roller and the film breaking roller should be lubricated regularly.

Keeping the inside and outside of the machine clean is the basic condition to ensure the machine long-term normal and efficient production. Therefore, it is necessary to remove foreign matter, dirt and sediment from the surface and inside of the machine thoroughly and regularly, and to maintain the machine carefully on time. When a fuse is blown, replace it with a fuse of the same capacity and specifications. No additional specifications are allowed. Replace it with a non-fuse material such as copper wire.


The unpainted exposed surface of the machine shall be protected by lubricating oil when the machine is stopped from use during suspension. When needed, a wrung out gasoline cloth is used to remove grease. If the fan or vacuum pump is found abnormal, the fan air filter should be cleaned in time, and the connection of each interface is reliable.


Safe operation rules for window patching machine

Before starting the machine, check if the handle, button and safety cover are in the predetermined position. Pay attention to people around machine should be in the safe place

During the operation of the machine, do not touch paper products, cutting things, etc., only after the machine is stopped, that can clean up the machine or remove the stemming of the channel

After debugging the machine, checking if all tools or other things have been taken away from the machine, and then slowly inching the machine for a round to avoid accidents happens

All safety devices must be kept intact and effective, and the defective parts of the machine should be repaired or replaced in time

If the machine stops suddenly for some reason, please press the “emergency stop” button to self-lock. Finding the reason and restart the machine only after troubleshooting

Before restarting the machine, checking the moving parts (rollers, axle) of the machine carefully, take out waste paper, junks, etc from these parts, and confirm the reliability of their fixed positions

After the completion of the production task, thoroughly clean up and turn off the power and water source

Non-machine operators are strictly prohibited to work on this job


How to Avoid Electrical Shock during Machine Operation?

Efficiency is important in production, while safety is more important. To avoid electric shock, tips are suggested below:
Power should be equipped with an earthing system or grounding system.
No change for the electrical components when the machine is powered, otherwise, people may in danger.
Wet hands are not allowed to touch the button and switch on the machine.
When the machine is powered, the electrical box is not allowed to open, as well as the safety shield and other electrical shields.
Do no damage to the wires, avoid stacking heavy items on the wire or press with stress, tongs and pliers are not allowed to holding the wire.
When the electrical box is open, never turn on the general power in case of touching a high voltage terminal and get an electrical shock. Even when the power is off, don’t frequently open the electrical box door apart from examination and regular maintenance. Unnecessary stuff is not allowed to be piled in the electrical box and keep the inside clean.
Examination and regular maintenance should be carried by trained staff. When do the job, first cut the power off, wait for 10 mins, begin the work when the multi-meter detects no voltage sign. Otherwise, an inappropriate operation may cause electrical shock.

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