The Strength of Full Servo Window Patching Machine

Previously,window patching has two different types,semi-automatic window patching machine,fully automatic window patching machine.But now we have a new type of window patching machine,that is called “FULL SERVO AUTOMATIC INTELLIGENT WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE”.

Why it’s called full servo window patching machine?Because Wenzhou Hengtong Machinery equipped with 9-11 servo motors on every part of the window patching machine,including paper feeding part,pin paper feeding part,gluing part,film cutting part,suction & conveying part,v-cutting & creasing part and film feeding part.It almost equals to equipped servo in every part of the window patching machine,this will make window patching more accurately.

We can fine tuning film cutting position and film patching position by a small button or by touch screen.But in our old mold of window patching machine,it need staff to adjust by hand,and it’s hard to control by hand,so it will waste our adjusting time and can’t get best testing result.And in our full servo window patching machine,it can automatic correction when window patching has a small error,because it equipped with many sensor to detect every part running situation of the machine.So that the finished sample after this processing,the window patching accuracy can be controlled in 0.5mm.

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