Machine Introduction

ZKT-800A window patching machine is a fully servo window patching machine. This machine not only has two basic window patching machine functions of flat pasting and v cutting and creasing line at the same time, but also added automatic tension adjustment and automatic deviation correction functions, it’s convenient for you to adjust the error of window patching. In addition, this machine also has automatic glue lifting function, automatically lift the glue when not detected the paper , to avoid glue contamination with the conveyor belt. At the same time, the machine can also realize the horizontal creasing line, double v cutting, color code detection, environmental protection mark, punching hole and other extension functions, convenient for your usage!

Main Technical Parameters

Speed  5000-15000pcs/h (NORMAL PASTING)

5000-12000pcs/h (V-CUT &CREASING)

Paper Length 120-640mm
Paper Width 120-800mm
Film Length 60-330mm
Film Width 30-400mm
Thickness of Film 0.05-0.25mm
External Dimension 8400*1500*1800mm
Machine Gross Weight 3000 kg
Positioning Accuracy ±0.5mm
Total Power 22kw
Power Voltage 380V,50Hz