Window Patching Machines are widely used for pasting films on the windows of multiple use of window boxes ,such as toy boxes , food box,clothes  boxes, medicine box ,shirt box,etc. ZKT-700/1080 STANDARD is the lower cost version than ZKT-700/1080 HIGH SPEED window patching machine, it is produced & designed by our own technical team.But they all has same function,and almost same using experience.This machine is only for flat pasting,no v-cut function.Some part of this machine can be adjusted by touch screen,but also some part should be adjusted by hand.

Key Features

  • Fast speed,max speed can be 15000 pcs/h(700 STANDARD)
  • Lower expense
  • Sticking tissue box with film(foil)
  • Sticking tissue box with paper(Optional)
  • Well-designed machine structure