Window Patching Machines are widely used for sticking films on the windows of various color window boxes ,color boxes and paper boxes,e.g medicine box ,shirt box,etc. ZKT-700/1080 HIGH SPEED is the innovation machine of window patching machine, manufactured & designed by our own technical team.It equipped with 2 servo motors to control the window patching ,makes window patching more accurately.This machine is only for flat pasting,no corner cut function.Some part of this machine can be adjusted by touch screen,but also some part should be adjusted by hand.This will not convenient enough than full servo series window patching machine.

Key Features

  • High speed,max speed can be 31000 pcs/h(700 HIGH SPEED)
  • Servo control,can control by touch screen
  • Sticking tissue box with film(foil)
  • Sticking tissue box with paper(Optional)
  • Higher cost performance