ZF-323 Express Mail Envelop Machine

This is special equipment to produce express mail envelope of various sizes for EMX, USP, and DHL.and the machine is developed to meet the demand of express mail industry.

Structrical Characteristics

  1. Adopting a suction type paper transferring mechanism, so paper can be continuously fed without shutting down the machine.
  2. The multi-position-checking mechanism is adopted to make the paper transferring accurate.
  3. Disk glue applying mode is adopted to ensure applied glue is well distributed and the amount of applied glue can be effectively controlled.

Main Parameter

Speed 3000-6000pcs/h
Finished product specification 100*150-300*350mm
Applicable paper grammage 200-300g/m2
Power 2.2KW
Weight 2600kg
Dimensions 10000*1180*1580mm


sample ZF323
sample ZF323t