YSD-580A,980A Adhesive Sticker and Easy-tearing Tape Pasting Machine

This machine can be extensively used for the pasting various express mail envelops with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and easy-tearing tape on envelop flap for UPS, DHL, EMS, and ZJS Express, etc. This mechanism is compact in structure, convenient in adjustment, accurate in pasting.

Structural Characteristics

  1. Flat belt paper suction mechanism, paper feeding without shutting down the machine.
  2. Toggle pin position checking is adopted to make the locating accurate.
  3. Suction structure is adopted to accurately press adhesive sticker and easy-tearing tape onto the envelop.

Main Parameter

Name YSD-580A YSD-980A
Operation speed 3000-5000pcs/h 3000-7000pcs/h
Applicable dimensions 130*100-300*450mm 300*200-650*980mm
Applicable paper grammage 300-1000g/m2 300-1000g/m2
Power of the main machine 2.2kw 2.2kw
Power of air pump 3kw 3kw
Weight of complete machine 1000kg 2000kg
External dimensions 5700*1100*1200mm 5700*1500*1200mm


Sample -YSD 580A2
Sample -YSD 580A