With its minimum size and low cost of electricity, it is a perfect machine for those factories who want to save their factory space and pursuit of ecology.


Minimum in Size

The Dimension is 3980*950*1400mm. With its minimum size, it can save your company a lot of space. The net weight of the machine is 1400 kg.

Applicable Paper

Both cardboard and corrugated carton can be done. And flat patching and creasing can also be accomplished with this machine.

Structural Characteristics

Paper Feeder

Flat belt paper suction mechanism, paper feeding without shutting down the machine, position checking mechanism and accurate locating.

ZKT-340B Paper Feeder

Gluing Section

Disk glue applying mode is adopted to ensure applied glue to be well distributed and the amount of gluing can be effectively feeding.

ZKT-340B Gluing Section

Film Feeder

PLC programming technique is adopted to ensure accurate film feeding.

ZKT-340B Film Feeder

Film Cutting

Horizontal knife film cutting, stable and reliable.

ZKT-340B Film Cutting

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