STD-930Hand bag shaping machine

This machine is used to seal the edge of the handbags.

Structural Characteristics

  1. Automatic suction of printed and pressed paper according to the size demanded by the machine.
  2. Toggle pin position checking is adopted to make the locating accurate.
  3. Disk glue applying mode is adopted to ensure the glue well distributed effectively.
  4. The pasting drum and pressing are stable and reliable.


Speed 3000-4000pcs/h
Applicable Paper Specification 450*300-980*600mm
Applicable Paper Grammage 128-350g/m2
Power 2.2KW
Power of Pump 3KW
Weight 1000KG
Dimensions 7950*1600*1600mm

Flow Chart

Flow Chart STD930

STDH-550 Flow chart