Model ZKT-700B

ZKT-700B is a popular machine widely sold in Europe and south-east Asia. With excellent performance as well as competitive prices, it will be your perfect choice.

Stable and Long Life

We adopt 45mm cast iron, so the structure of the machine can be stable. With careful printing and regular maintenance, our machine can be used for many years. Some guests feedback shows it still runs very fast even after 7 years.

Wide Sample Range

Our machine can perform both flat patching, creasing, and V-cut punch out. We have served guests in making cosmetic boxes, toy boxes, seafood boxes, fast food boxes, underwear boxes. If you not sure if your box can be made or not, you can contact us and have a test.

High Lights of The Machine

Paper Feeder

The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface. The length of the paper to fed can be input on the touch screen, so that paper can input quickly and accurately. It also applies to cardboard and corrugated paper. Flat Belt Paper Suction Mechanism makes it possible that paper feeding without shutting down the machine.

Paper Delivering System

To make the paper delivering process smooth and accurate, we import the chain slider from German, which also makes it durable and can last for many years.

Gluing Part

The gluing section consists of a chromed sizing roller, glue separating guide, side limiter and sizing template roller. The sizing section is easy to pull out, set and clean.

Film Cutting System

The film feeding part is controlled by the imported servo system. Just input the required film’s length on the touch screen, this will reduce the adjusting time.

The film cutting& patching part install free axial rotation, which is used for various shape & position of the paper window, thus saving the adjusting time, greatly improving productivity.

Window Style

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