ZKT-750B is our latest design of window patching machine. It is a great combination of aesthetics and technology. The rectangle shape always conveys a sense of strength, together with the claret printing, elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Here is the advantage of our machine:

  • Easy Adjustment. The Film length can be adjusted on the screen, and the paper length can be automatically felt by the system. The total adjusted time will be within 30 mins.
  • Accurate. ZKT-750B adopted three servo motors, making the paper feeding, delivering and film feeding accurate and stable.
  • Clean. The gluing section controls the glue mount precisely, little waste glue after work is finished. The gluing roller can be pulled out for clean. So the whole device is tidy and clean.
  • Multifunctional. The machine can be used in various cases, like hamburger boxes, all kinds of food boxes, toy boxes, clothes boxes, cosmetic boxes, carton boxes as well as E, F flute box. Both flat patching and creasing are supported. And the machine can punch out the unnecessary film to fit the window.
  • Latest Technology. ZKT-750B is the latest technology in our company, it can do all the work other window patching machines can do, except the paper width limit and flat patching speed.
  • Customization. We are a professional window patching machine producer so as to provide customization service. If you have any specific requirements, please contact us. We will offer you a satisfying solution. Up to now, we can offer you with thick film heating system, customized V-cut shape, and size, trademark service, customized collecting device, etc.

Structural Design

Our machine is composed of four parts, namely, Paper Feeding System,  Gluing Section, Film Cutting System, and Collecting System. Each part is carefully designed to make the machine run smooth and accurate.

Paper Feeding System

The Paper Feeding System adopts a servo motor and photo-electrical system, so the paper can be fed accurately. The only work that needs manpower is to stack the paper in the feeder.

Gluing Section

  1. a.  The Gluing Section is consists of a chromed sizing roller, two glue limiters, and a glue plate. The glue volume can be controlled economically and well distributed.
  2. b.  The glue separating guide can be adjusted to control the range and amount of glue. When shutdown, the sizing roller will raise and driven by another independent motor to avoid glue solidification.

Film Delivering& Cutting System

The film is delivered by servo motor Yaskawa, so making the film delivering and cutting accurate and smooth. There are normally two cutting methods: Horizontal Cutting and Rolling Cutting. The Former is stable but difficult to improve the speed. In this machine, we adopt rolling cutting, to improve productivity.

Collecting System

When the gluing is finished, the paper will be stacked in order on the collecting plate.

Chart Overflow

Flat Patching


Window Style

Here is the typical window-patching style our machine produce. If your ideal design is not included, you can contact us and have a discussion with our design team.


fast food box sample 8
box sample 6
box sample3
box sample 5

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