Model ZKT-700B

ZKT-1080B is the largest machine in our factory with its capacity to deal paper width up to 1080mm. It can upgrade to double lanes.


Double Lanes

Double lanes mean double speed.

Broad Width

This machine suits for wide paper boxes, with maximum paper width up to 1080mm.


This machine can do flat patching, creasing, V-cut Punch out, intermittent perforation. Carton box and E, F flute can be done on this paper.

Structural Design

Paper Feeder

Paper Feeder

The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface. The length of the paper can be automatically felt on the touch screen, so it is very convenient. It also applies to cardboard and corrugated paper. Flat belt paper suction mechanism, which can do paper feeding without shutting down the machine. Position Checking Mechanism makes paper locating accurate.

Gluing Part

Gluing Part

  1. The gluing section consists of a chromed sizing roller, glue separating guide, side limiter and sizing template roller. It is easy to pull out, set and clean.
  2. The glue separating guide can be adjusted to control the range and amount of glue. When the machine shutdown, the cylinder can raise the sizing roller. It is driven by the other independent motor to avoid glue solidification.
  3.  Without shutdown, the printing roller can be adjusted freely on an axial or radial basis.
Film Cutting and Delivering

Film Cutting& Creasing

The film feeding part is controlled by the imported servo motor, input the Films length on the touch screen, saving the adjustment time and making it precise.


The film cutting &the film patching part has installed free axial rotation, which is used for various shape window. Saving adjustment time, and greatly improved productivity.


Based on the original mechanism, the layout of each section of this product has been improved in order to reduce the adjusting time, so it becomes more efficient and friendly.


ZKT-1080B is widely used for the 90-degree angle window sample and has the function of angle cutting & scoring.

This machine can also cut intermittent perforation.


box sample 7

sampe box
box sample 4
box sample 6

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