Hengtong News | So many visitors visit “Hengtong” booth in Beijing China Print 2021

June 23-27, 2021, in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new hall), colleagues in the printing industry gathered together, under the common witness of relevant government departments, heads of printing associations in every provinces and cities in the mainland, representatives of exhibitors and purchasers in domestic and abroad, and representatives of media in domestic and abroad, The 10th China Print 2021, co-sponsored by China Printing and Equipment Industry Association and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, and co-organized by Beijing Zhongyinxiehuagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd and Dongguan Zhongyinxie International Exhibition Co., Ltd, is now open! Wenzhou hengtong printing and packaging machinery co., Ltd. is waiting for your visit in booth 006 of W3 hall!

In this exhibition, Wenzhou Hengtong Printing & Packaging Machinery co., Ltd takes three window patching machine to show on the exhibition: ZKT-700 high-speed, ZKT-1080 high-speed, ZKT-1080B

New updated ZKT-700 HIGH SPEED Window Patching Machine

1. The feeding part adopts inch mode, no need to adjust the length of paper manually, convenient and fast feeding, accurate and fast, suitable for cardboard and corrugated paper.

2. the film feeding part is controlled by the imported servo system, only need to input the length of the need to cut on the touch screen, not only improve the accuracy, make the adjustment way more intuitive and faster.

3. The glue part is composed of a chrome-plated glue roller, a glue separator guide plate, a side limit and a glue template roller. The glue part can be easily pulled out, easy to set and clean, and is simple and easy to use. Adjustable glue separator guide plate controls the range and weight of glue. After the machine stops, the cylinder can raise the glue roller and drive it by another independent motor to avoid the glue solidification. Printing drum can also be axial and radial free adjustment position without shutdown.

4. The film cutter is installed with a device that can rotate axially freely to adapt to different window positions, which saves the adjustment time and greatly improves the production efficiency.

5. On the basis of the original machinery, the machine improves the structure layout of each section to save the adjustment time of the product, and makes the product more efficient and more humanized.

6. Assessments such as chain guide rail made in Germany and linear guide rail made in Taiwan are installed at the paper feeding part and film feeding part respectively to improve the accuracy of film laminating and reduce the noise of machine.

7. The touch screen is equipped with speed shift mode, which can increase the efficiency of small size products.

8.This machine got a new upgrade, the max speed has changed into 31000 pieces per hour.Has a new function called Automatic stop gluing, and has a new machine appearance.

Main Technical Data of ZKT-700 HIGH SPEED

Paper length Range: 160-680 mm

Paper width Range: 120-700 mm

Film length Range: 60-330 mm

Film width Range: 30-400 mm

Speed Range: 9000-31000 pcs/h


The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface .The length of the paper to fed can be entered on the touch screen ,so that paper can input quickly accurately ,Also it applies to card paper and corrugated paper. Flat belt paper suction mechanism,paper feeding without shutting down the machine,position checking mechanism and accurate locating.

Film feeding part is controlled by imported servo system,input the needed Film’s length on the touch screen ,saving the adjust time and highly position.The film cutting &the film patching part install free axial rotation,is used for various shape &position of paper window.Saving adjust time ,greatly improve the production efficiency.

The gluing section consists of chromed sizing roller, glue separating guide, side limiter and sizing template roller. It is easy to pull out, set and clean the sizing section.The glue separating guide can be adjusted to control the range and amount of glue. In the event of shutdown, the cylinder can raise the sizing roller and it is driven by the other independent motor to avoid glue solidification. Without shutdown, the printing roller can be adjusted freely on an axial or radial basis.

Based on the original mechanism,the layout of each section of this product has been improved in order to reduce the adjusting time ,so it becomes more efficiency and friendly.




Paper length Range : 200-680 mm

Paper width Range: 120-1080 mm

Film length Range: 70-330 mm

Film width Range: 30-500 mm

Speed Range: 6000-19000 pcs/h


ZKT-1080B Window Patching Machine can be extensively used in sticking window and line pressing functions. ZKT-1080B is the Innovation machine of Window Patching Machine ,Manufactured &Designed by our technical team.It’s suitable for making large size samples.

Main Technical Data of ZKT-1080B WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE

Paper length Range: 200-680 mm

Paper width Range: 200-1080 mm

Film length Range: 70-400 mm

Film width Range: 30-500 mm

Speed of corner cutting line: 4000-7000 pcs/h

Normal Pasting speed: 6000-10000 pcs/h

Samples of ZKT-1080B can make

Normal Pasting

V-cut and creasing line 

Tissue box

The end

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