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How to make sure the safety of the automatic window patching machine?

With the continuous development of the market economy, the variety of products has increased, and the changes in demand have promoted the emergence of window stickers. In order to well meet the business needs of some different production enterprises, the window patching machine in the future market will develop very well, and packaging is the most awesome […]

Fully automatic window patching machine improves performance while maintaining quality

Window patching machine has also been widely used in the printing market. The automatic line-to-line window patching machine is suitable for the filming of packaging paper products with windows, such as wine boxes, tissue boxes, clothing boxes, food packaging boxes, toy boxes, etc. The whole machine adopts programmable controller, human-machine interface, photoelectric tracking, and centralized […]

How To Improve The Service Life Of Automatic Window Patching Machine?

Automatic high speed window patching machine is to automatically adding glue and pasting plastic film at the opening of the mould-cut window carton. Cartons can be cardboard or corrugated. Window paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes and so on. You can see the style and […]

What vulnerable part would “WINDOW PATCHING MACHINE” have

Window Patching Machine, also named window patcher, window pasting machine, window paster, is a mechanical device used for sticking the plastic film on the cardboard or corrugated carton.It’s of course that will has some vulnerable part when it as a machine,because these part of machine will be used very frequently,and damage always happened with usage.So,today,I’m […]

Error analysis and control of high precision window patching machine

Window patching machine is a kind of printing and packaging equipment, which is mainly used in the carton manufacturing field of packaging industry. The purpose of it is to paste film on the see-through window on the gift box, cosmetic box, tissue box, corrugated paper box and other packaging boxes. According to the different structure […]